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ITeam team of professional coaches enhances your team synergy for exceptional outcomes to your business.

Business transformation with an Agile approach

Our mission is to foster self-organized, transparent, and agile teams that drive valuable product creation, led by a new generation of leaders.

We operate at an individual level, team level, and organizational level.
Our services
Business coaching and consulting
We provide expert insights into industry best practices, aiding organizations in meeting specific needs and achieving a high level of business agility. We're here to assist you in enhancing business operations across all organizational levels
Agile trainings
Corporate workshops, training sessions, team-building leadership games, and activities focused on management, soft skills, and Agile methodologies.
Business transformation
We assist companies in uncovering unique opportunities for adaptation and growth in an ever-evolving world. Equipping all members of your enterprise with tools and knowledge, we facilitate the process of enhancing value. Every step of your Agile journey is supported by our dedicated team. Whether your organization is new to Agile or planning to scale, we are here to guide you. Our experienced Agile coaches are committed to helping organizations elevate their business through Agile methodologies.
Agile assessment
Our experts will help you assess your current position in terms of Agile transformation and then devise a plan to enhance your company's business agility using Agile methodologies, including SCRUM, KANBAN, and other frameworks.

We offer the following types of Agile assessments:

  1. One-time assessment (provides insights into your company's Agile maturity status)
  2. Ongoing assessment (regular evaluations over an extended period help track your progress towards agility)
  3. Specific area assessment

Trainings and workshops
Agile Intro
During the training, we delve into the origins and values of Agile, explore the Scrum framework and its core artifacts, thoroughly examine various Scrum roles and activity types, and simulate the SCRUM process.

Who might find this interesting:

  • Team and Tech leads aiming to implement SCRUM in their companies
  • Project managers intrigued by flexible approaches in project management
  • Individuals seeking a better understanding of Agile processes
Duration: 4 hours

Format: In-person or online; conducted in English, Ukrainian, or Russian languages.

Agile Lego
This engaging and valuable activity encompasses the entire SCRUM cycle, with realistic case scenarios closely simulated.

Who might find this intriguing:

  • Practicing Scrum Masters
  • Project managers interested in Agile principles
  • Individuals curious about SCRUM and its implementation within a team
Duration: 2 hours

Format: In-person or online; conducted in English, Ukrainian, or Russian languages.

Scrum Master by ScrumInc
The training has been developed by one of the creators of Scrum, Dr. Jeff Sutherland. It is suitable for professionals at any level of experience.

During the training, you will learn:

  • How to leverage the Scrum Framework for rapid and high-quality product and service delivery
  • Explore methods and metrics that Scrum Masters use to enhance team satisfaction and productivity
  • Familiarize yourself with models and practices of high-performing teams
  • Discover the scaling of the Scrum Master role in Agile implementation.

Duration: 2 days.

Product Owner by ScrumInc
In this course, you will learn how to become a successful Product Owner.
Upon completion,you will be able to:

  • Craft and maintain an appealing product vision
  • Create a well-defined Product Backlog
  • Consistently deliver a successful product to the market
  • Effectively implement practices of high-performing Scrum teams in your work

Duration: 2 days.

Agile fundamentals by ICAgile
This training extensively explains Agile principles, fundamental concepts, and approaches. The program covers: the history and Agile mindset, team structure, understanding key elements of KANBAN and SCRUM frameworks, LEAN approach, and practicing different forms of Agile estimation.

Duration: 6 hours

Format: In-person or online; conducted in English, Ukrainian, or Russian languages.

Наши партнеры
We strive to inspire individuals to willingly embrace change and transform the companies they work for.
Our aim is to empower them to elevate businesses to new heights.
After all, it's the people, not just external consultants, who drive results.
How we work:
Leadership Coaching
Coach sessions with owners and executives (CEO, COO, CTO, CMO) for analysis and precise goal setting. Work with the team: audit, diagnosis, addressing resistance, and justifying changes.
Agile Transformation
Team training on soft skills. Education in flexible methodologies. Team-building and transformational games. Cultivating team leaders. Introducing new team ceremonies. Utilizing facilitation culture.
Team Support
Re-diagnosing the team. Optimizing business processes, including those for remote teams. Assisting in preparing team documentation and organizing a flexible workflow process.
About us
Yuliya Zagoruyko
Energized by a 20-year IT journey, Yuliya wears multiple hats as an IT consultant, entrepreneur, product and project manager, Scrum Master, educator, IT business trainer, and agile coach. She's a force of innovation, having crafted 20 powerhouse teams for both product-driven and outsourcing companies, championing 100+ triumphant projects. With a knack for implementing and optimizing IT business processes across enterprises of all sizes, Yuliya leads Agile transformations, infusing teams with her dynamic spirit.
Andriy Romanukha
A seasoned professional with over 10 years of experience as an Agile Coach and Scrum Master. I've taken immense satisfaction in steering initiatives that yield results for clients, diligently supporting and motivating teams to deliver projects on time and within budget. I've orchestrated and implemented numerous training sessions, catering to a global audience through offline, online, and personalized coaching formats.
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E-mail: juliya.zagoruiko@gmail.com
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